Adopt-A-Grandparent Love at Eastside Gardens Snellville

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The best exercise for the heart is to reach down and help someone up!

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One of the things we love most about being a service related business is that moment when you know a guest is really touched by the way they feel when they see their finished style in the mirror. Making someone feel great about themselves is an awesome experience. ¬†Even better still, when we reach outside our own doors and make folks in our community have a great day; we get thrilled. ¬†Right here in Snellville at Eastside Gardens Assisted Living we have lots of folks that really need some TLC on a daily basis‚ÄĒwhat an awesome way to give back! This year Team Anazao had great success with the help of some of our warm wishing clients.¬† Many of our valued guests bought Aveda Hand & foot relief so that each of the 50 residents at Eastside Gardens could receive a tube of their own as a gift. ¬†Members of the Team delivered the gifts along with Holiday cheer to the residents just before Christmas.¬† The folks at Eastside Gardens were very happy to spend some time with our staff during a time when being home bound can really take a toll on their joy.¬† No one wants to feel left out so we value the opportunity to reach out to them.¬† Imagine not being able to enjoy family for the holidays. ¬†Our Team, clients and residents at Eastside Gardens are definitely impacted in a great way by the event and we love doing it. Many thanks go to our valued guest for getting involved in this worthy project; your efforts have a lasting impact for sure. ¬†Thank you also Amanda, Sara, Hannah, Christina, Laura, Ashley & Brittany for showing us all what Team Anazao is all about!

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