Anazao Salon | Earth Month 2013 underway!

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April is Earth Month — Anazao Salon is gearing up to make an impact for clean water both locally and globally.  Clean water changes lives!

Aveda professionals in more than 30 countries have collectively raised more than $26 million in support of Earth Month since the campaign’s inception in 1999.  Beginning in 2007, Aveda has donated Earth Month proceeds to organizations working to combat the clean water crisis – to date more than $20 million have been directed to support hundreds of clean water projects on six continents. Learn More>

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This Earth month we have several opportunities for our guests to get involved in helping us raise awareness and funds for clean water.  Our local partner is – Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, an environmental advocacy organization with more than 6,000 members dedicated solely to protecting and restoring the Chattahoochee River Basin — drinking water source for nearly 4 million Georgians. Also, sales of our limited edition Light The WayTM candle will go directly to our global Earth Month partner, Global Greengrants Fund who have been able to make 1,000 grants in 44 countries thanks to your Light The Way™ candle purchases, which exceeded $6 million. Here is just a sampling of what that makes possible:

  • 407 community projects to fight toxic pollution
  • 482 projects helping communities to advocate for safe and affordable drinking water
  • 700 watersheds, such as lakes, wetlands, and rivers, protected
  • 940 communities addressing climate change, which contributes to water shortages and scarcity across the globe
  • 20,000 women engaged in working towards clean water for their communities
  • 42,000 people benefitting from wells and water infrastructure
  • 72,000 acres devoted to sustainable agriculture