“I’m looking for a great hair salon near me. Why should I choose Anazao Salon?”

The quick answer to that question is… We have a brilliant team of people whose passion is giving you an absolutely amazing experience everytime you walk through our door. You’ll relax, you’ll be revived, you’ll get a proper consultation, a great hair service and you’ll be treated as a valued guest. We are customer service!

We know trying a new hair salon or stylist can be stressfull. Will they do a good job?… or worse will they totally botch my hair up!? We understand your reluctance and can assure you this… We’re good at what we do, our consultations are complimentary and we guarantee our work. We’re so confident you’ll love your service we’d like to offer you a $20 gift certificate to give us a try.

There’s a lot of info about Anazao here and most folks wouldn’t take the time to read it. If you’re not most folks then pull up chair and read on. We’re passionate about who we are and love to tell the story.

Hopefully you aren’t looking for just any run of the mill hair salon near you. There’s one of those on every corner in every city and town. If you’re looking for a great salon near you, then you’ll love Anazao Salon. Our hair experts have been serving Snellville, Lawrenceville, Grayson, Loganville, and other surrounding cities for over 17 years. We even have guests who continue to visit after moving far away.

Our entire staff works in concert to create an experiential visit. It’s important to us that you receive a perfect haircut, hair color, perm, updo, skin care, makeup, or whatever service you’re looking for. It’s even more important to us that you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of your appointment. Why should your service be just ok? You work hard for your money… You wrestle to find time for yourself. You deserve to have customer service as it used to be, when businesses were humbled and honored that you’d choose them for your needs. That’s exactly how it should be and that’s exactly how we operate.

We choose to use Aveda products because we feel that stellar service must be accompanied by a stellar product. It would be a disservice to our guests to use an inferior product on them. Aveda is a well respected American made product that you can be proud to use. They use responsibly harvested, sustainable ingredients that are safe for you and safe for the environment we live in. They have everything you need from hair care to skin care and makeup. They create jobs for people around the world by purchasing the sustainable ingredients they use in their products. The Aveda story is truly amazing and I could go on forever talking about it. I’d probably bore you to tears and you just said “I want to find a great salon near me”, right? If you want to learn more about Aveda you can find they have some truly inspiring stories to tell.

Another reason you should consider Anazao Salon is this. We pay our fair share. We aren’t real happy when the tax man comes knocking and quite frankly, I think Uncle Sam’s gotten fairly greedy and careless with our hard earned dollars. Nevertheless, we do what’s right. So many of the salon owners and stylists I’ve met throught the years fudge all the numbers, take cash under the table, and expect everyone else around them to foot the bill for this great country we live in. The way I look at it is… If you’re dishonest in business you’ll be dishonest to your customers. Why trust the health and integrity of your hair to someone who only cares about themselves and cuts corners instead of doing what’s right? I’ll hop off my soap box now… You get my point.

As I mentioned before I can go on and on about things that are inspiring like the awesome team we have, but enough about Anazao Salon. We’d love to meet you and learn more about you and your hairstyle wishlist. Remember that $20 gift certificate I mentioned a few paragraphs back? Here’s that link again: .

If you’d like to book an appointment it’s a snap to do online or if you prefer to speak to team member give us a call at (770)978-7376. We can’t wait to serve you! 🙂