Meet the team!

We are Team Anazao Salon. We work very hard to give every guest an amazing experience during their visit. Your hair or skin care service should be performed flawlessly to your satisfaction and your experience in the salon should be relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoyable.

We work on a level system

As you browse through our service providers' cards you can click them to read more about their experience in the industry. You'll notice a title next to each service providers name like master 1, master 2, etc.  This indicates their level in our pricing structure.  When booking services our reception team can go over this in more detail to be sure you stay within your budget.

All of our team members are great at what they do. They receive extensive education to be sure of this.  Higher level technicians are generally more skilled at hard to perform cuts and highly technical color services so keep that in mind if the service your looking for is very specialized.  If your unsure, we'll help you get it all figured out and we guarantee our work no matter who you see.

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