applying porcelain doll makeup

Planning a photoshoot | Porcelain doll collection from concept to completion

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Planning a photoshoot | Creepy porcelain doll collection from concept to completion

Team Anazao Salon came together to create an amazing image collection using a real live model as a porcelain doll. Planning this photoshoot took countless hours to bring to life.

When there is a purpose to your passion, how can you go wrong?

Owning a salon for almost 18 years I’ve seen a lot of individuals that say they are passionate for their craft. When I think of passion I think, motivation and satisfaction. No matter how small, if you are moved to accomplish something, set your mind to it and find a way to make it happen. In the midst of the individuals that say they are passionate there are always the ones that truly stand out. Ones that truly get excited and love what they do, embrace challenges to grow and look for opportunities to share in others victories.

With 25 years in the fashion industry I have been blessed with a husband and business partner that shares a lot of the same passions as I do, He owns and operates The Image Amp an all in one marketing agency for small business. We both love any type of art that can yield itself to fashion, even more so when we can fuel that same passion in our staff. With Brian being a photographer by trade and my opportunities to work with some of the industries best, we feel we are able to do that.

applying porcelain doll makeup

20160805_135752Several years back Leah, one of our senior stylist came to us after a shoot we did for a boutique clothing¬†designer; Truly Alvarenga. Pink Elephant Designs, with the idea of a porcelain doll shoot using a live model. As we pondered the proposition we really weren’t sure how we could pull it off. We studied it as we do every concept, throwing ideas back and forth for quite some time, other projects would get in the way and we would put it on the back burner. It always seemed easier to just set it aside for later than to make it happen. We all had a passion for the project and were determined to see it through; lets set the date, find a location and do this thing! We did just that.

20160805_094129We frequently use a local studio, however this photoshoot needed an elaborate Victorian inspired set to pull it off. In searching for the perfect spot we came across a quaint little Bed & Breakfast outside of Atlanta, called Maison LaVigne, which turned out to be a hidden gem. Leah‚Äôs vision was a porcelain doll belonging to a sweet little girl, that took her every where. For the project the team created a progression of looks including: a brand new doll, a slightly aged doll, and a worn out doll that truly served the little girl with many hours of fun and laughter. After a 9 hour day, tons of makeup, Aveda Control ForceTM hairspray, and dirt… Dirt!?… yes dirt; our team had created a beautiful group of images.

Leah, I feel so blessed to have seen you grow not only into an amazing wife and mommy, but a beautifully talented PASSIONATE stylist. I’m so happy we were but a small part of this vision of yours. Time to plan the next one. ūüėČ