Team Anazao | Atlanta International Fashion Week Spring 2014

Brian Pendley Events, Fashion Week, Modeling

Team Anazao rocking the runway at Atlanta International Fashion Week.

For the past two seasons our style and make up team have been called on to work with designers during many of the runway shows at Atlanta International Fashion Week.  Many of our team members have had the honor of working shows with top designers during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.  Atlanta’s fashion scene isn’t quite the production our team sees in New York but since style is in their blood they always jump at the chance to get involved. This year our runway team worked with two fantastic designers: Truly Alvarenga of Pink Elephants Designs, and Hollie of Ruffled Runway. Their beautiful garments make the style and makeup work so easy and inspired.

The Atlanta International Fashion Week shows have had some growing pains when it comes to corporate involvement and event attendance.  However, Atlanta has a huge potential for fashion with a great diversity of local culture. It takes a dedicated team of go-getters to build something as complicated as a multiday runway operation but we look forward to seeing Atlanta International Fashion Week succeed—Runway in our own backyard is a beautiful thing.  Till Next Time…