Team Anazao | The Color Run 2013

Brian Pendley New at Anazao

Team Anazao having a blast & raising money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at The Color Run April 2013.

The happiest 5K on the planet — a perfect description for this one of a kind race to raise money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  There were so many runners headed to Atlanta Motor Speedway to toe the start line that the one hour trip from Anazao Salon to the event took over three hours.  Thousands of people joined together to run through multiple color stations, filled with candy colored volunteers whose sole duty was to cover everyone with copious volumes of brilliant neon colored powder.

As Megan, Lainey, Alisa & I started off we had no idea what expect other than we would have a blast running the 5K course from start to finish.  I ran on ahead of the rest of the team with my long-legged stride and didn’t see them again until they crossed the finish line.  We all made pretty good time but the girls definitely got their money’s worth on the neon.  It was hilarious.  As you can see in the pics, they looked like they fell out of a Skittles rainbow.

The Color Run is being held again this September and we hope to participate again for sure. You can get more info here.  If you haven’t ever done it you should definitely add it to your bucket list.  It’s some serious messy fun!