Why does hair color correction cost so much?

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“Why does hair color correction cost so much… Can’t you just cover it up?” The quick and honest answer is “Uh, no!”

So you find yourself in a hella scary situation— Your hair color is an absolute mess and you can’t even look eye-to-eye at yourself in the mirror.  Much less be seen in public in such a broken state of affairs.  How the heck did you get here!?  You might need a hair color correction service.

Maybe you woke up one day and said “Self, Get in the car right now and go get some of that shine like a diamond, you’re gonna be a Insta-star, DIY home hair color!”  You know, that boxed stuff from the grocery store.  Or maybe you went all upscale and bought it at your neigborhood professional beauty supply chain store.  Suddenly you become painfully and intimately aware of the saying, “all that glitters isn’t gold.” “How can this be?”, you say to yourself.  “The picture on the box looks nothing like this hot mess on my head    ”

What do you do now? — You let a professional fix it like this!


Yes, this stunning auburn-caramel balayage started of as the dark-root, ash-blonde disaster just above.

Now let’s answer the question about the high cost of professional hair color correction that brought you here in the first place.  The cost of any hair color correction service varies based on:

  • the severity and complexity of the situation and the damage condition of the hair
  • the number of steps involved in the corrective process
  • the hours needed to complete the service
  • the quantity of product (color/s, treatments/conditioners) necessary to correct the problem

—all without damaging the hair any more than it already is.  In fact, the goal any great stylist will want to accomplish is to finish the service with your hair in better shape than when you started and achieve the look and final color you both agreed on during the consultation.  As you can see, hair color correction is a very specialized service requiring the services of a highly skilled professional to get it done right.

A combination of several factors have to be assessed to determine what your out the door price will be.  This can never be done over the phone.  If you’ve contacted a salon and been given a total for a color correction service without a face-to-face consultation, RUN!  Either they don’t know what they’re doing or plan to hit you with the real total when you’re standing at the front counter checking out.  An honest salon should always say “color correction price quotes always require consultation.”

When a client calls Anazao Salon and insists on some sort of ballpark price before they’ll make a consultation appointment, we tell them that the starting price for corrective color will be no less that one of our highest priced specialty color services like balayage or ombre.  We do our best to make it clear that an accurate price can’t be quoted without a face-to-face consultation. Our stylist needs to see the hair, handle it to feel it’s condition, visibly assess any hard demarcation lines where old and new color meet and create a plan of action based on the outcome that the client would like to achieve when the service is complete.  To put it bluntly, hair color correction is a very specialized job best handled by professionals.  As the saying goes, “don’t try this at home!”

Six facts about hair color correction that influence the cost of the service

  1. Most color correction services require many steps to get from start to finish
  2. Most color corrections take many hours to complete because of the number of steps involved
  3. Some brands of color are so stubborn that complete removal or coverage of the color is nearly impossible
  4. A clients’ hair can be in such bad condition that complete correction can’t safely be done in one session
  5. It takes a solid understanding of color theory for a stylist to be able to do a color correction and end up with a pre-determined outcome (stylists with weak color theory usually just mix and pray that it looks good when they finish)
  6. Strong color theory usually takes years of study and practice to perfect (this kind of advanced training doesn’t come cheap and it’s not taught in beauty school)

Hopefully this information will help you make a smart decision about getting your hot mess hair color fixed right.  Find a good salon and ask if they have stylists/colorists that are expertly trained in corrective color and color theory.  If you live near Anazao Salon give us a call.  Our consultations are always complimentary.  We’ll treat you like family and give you a fair and accurate quote for your color correction if you need one.  We also have a special offer for first time guests. Drop in anytime and experience the Anazao difference, you’ll be glad you did.

Here are some great examples of color correction services performed by the color correction experts of Team Anazao Salon.  We look forward to fixing yours.

Thanks so much for reading and make it a great hair day!

— Brian